*Agent Alert* 5 Things to Watch Out for When Your Clients Want an Older House (Blog)

*Agent Alert* 5 Things to Watch Out for When Your Clients Want an Older House (Blog)

Often clients love the idea of older homes because of the combination of uniqueness, character, and the possibility of a lower price.

But during the home inspection process, you may want to make sure that the inspector addresses these 5 possible issues before it’s all said and done:


1. Historic Restrictions

Some older houses may be classified as historic. This designation may result in restrictions on the type of remodeling and additions that can be done, and even what color you can paint it. This can force you to spend more than you planned on remodeling and can limit your potential to upgrade an older house and sell it.

2. Electrical Issues

Older homes may have outdated wiring and electrical panels that aren’t able to keep up with today’s electrical needs, so be sure to check that that the house is up to code. Have a certified electrician look over the home to make sure everything is in order.

3. Water Filtration (Especially for Well Water)

If you’ve never dealt with well water, it can smell like rotten eggs when sulfur is present. Sometimes the smell is strong, but it isn’t bad for you.  A water filtration system is needed if you have well water, period! Ask what the yearly maintenance costs are when selecting a system.

4. Costly Energy Bills

Check the utility bill history before buying an older house to get an idea of the energy costs you’ll be taking on! If you have an old heating system, old windows, and no insulation there’s a possibility that your heating bill can triple.

5. Small Garage/Limited Parking Spaces

Don’t be surprised when you try to pull your SUV or minivan into the garage for the first time — it may not fit!  There also may enough parking for only one car! Measure the garage or try to pull your car in when looking at an older house to make sure you will have a place to park.
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